Our 45th president loves to look back on his election, as if it the Earth changed its rotation that day. Well, I looked back at an analysis from January of this year by author Colin Woodard, also the author of a thesis that America is not one nation, but eleven. You can see his chart above, showing which “nations” voted for Donald Trump. (I added the coffee cup.)

Here is my analysis: Donald Trump, the first storm-chaser president, is receding. We know that because he just reached into his bag of tricks and all he could grab was a satanic doll.

Football fans will remember that during a 2016 preseason game, one quarterback decided to demonstrate his protest against racial injustice in America by taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. The stunt, when it first occurred, was so stunning that it created hurricane-force winds of controversy, blowing away Colin Kaepernick’s point.

This NFL season, the one-knee protest was fading as a controversy even as other players joined. It seems most people were accepting the protest, ignoring the protest, or ignoring the NFL altogether for other reasons.

Way back in 2016, the argument was whether one player should have done that or not.

Now, the argument is whether one president should have used Colin Kaepernick to fire up a partisan crowd last Friday night in the Alabama Senate primary election, which occurs today.

Donald Trump “had to do” his own strange stunt one night in Alabama because his crowd doesn’t like his candidate, which was really Mitch McConnell’s candidate, appointed Senator Luther Strange. The crowd wants Roy Moore, the angry man’s angry man, who is also the challenger leading in the polls.

So, as they used to say in the Old South, sometimes you “gotta whoop up the bubbas” to win.

In the theater of racial politics, there is a new addendum: pick on the protesters of our flag among professional football players. (Never row against the Crimson Tide.) The other symbols such as the confederate battle flag and Robert E. Lee statutes are now retired from service.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s last week of his freshman year. Storming his way into the Party of Lincoln, now he wants to revive the Civil War.

Not so fast.

Last night, Jerry Jones (not my favorite guy) may have found the peaceful way out. He and his team, the Dallas Cowboys (not my favorite team), held hands, kneeled together, and then all stood at attention for the National Anthem.

See, that’s the real America.

We’ve already figured out how to survive Hurricane Donald.