If you listen to the most loyal defenders of our 45th president, everything is fine because he thrives on chaos. We are scolded for failing to understand that the election of Donald Trump changed everything, that he is just setting up his opposition, and that Mr. Art of the Deal will show you what a masterful negotiator does. Believe me, #sad.

No, wait, that was last week. This week, Ann Coulter pronounced that she is almost ready to jump off the Trump steamship. She is distraught and she has reasons:

I think everyone who voted for him knew his personality was grotesque, it was the issues.

She does not mention the appointment of Neal Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but she ticks through a long list of items she expected Donald to deliver and she’s ticked off that they all come up zeros.

She didn’t say the word “Russians.”

Whatever Ann Coulter thinks of herself, she exaggerates. She is just another guest on another cable show, coming on to push a pie into the face of anyone suspected of being reasonable. She demands a wall. I demand the remote.

She thought, ahem, it was all about the issues. It’s nearly never about the issues.

Guess, smart as she supposes herself to be, she didn’t pause long enough at her own observation that “his personality was grotesque” to ask why a grotesque personality would be a winning strategy. Ann Coulter might pretend to “hate the cultural elites,” but Donald does. His voters do and that’s why they voted with their middle finger.

OK, we’ll get to the Russians in a minute.

Donald’s decisive victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin were protests against the cultural elites. Those voters are not giving up on Donald.

Here’s what Donald doesn’t know: politics is always about the next election, not the one you just won.

Now, Donald is losing the suburbs. He lost the cultural elite suburbs in 2016, but now he’s losing the middle class suburbs where grotesque personalities are less popular, where they just want a better economy, and some peace.

Russians, finally.

There are too many allegations flying around about Russians to ignore. Did Donald Trump share classified intelligence with the Russians last week? Did his campaign conspire with them? You may have forgotten, but there are allegations accusing Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Obama Administration of having Russia connections.

By all means, let’s get a serious investigation into all allegations regarding Russian involvement in our politics.

It can only start if Donald Trump appoints a serious person to be the new director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Senate confirms. The country needs the confirmation vote to be bipartisan and the Democrats, sensing that, are holding out, demanding instead that a special counsel be appointed first.

We’ll see how the master negotiator maneuvers his way through that part of the swamp, but Donald has to get serious, soon, about something serious.

They don’t much like Russians in the middle finger areas of America.