By now, you’ve seen Andrew Scaramucci on television. The world needs America to speak with a calm and confident voice. Instead, we get “Mooch.”

Melissa McCarthy, I hope, is ready to ride her White House Segway this Saturday night.

The newest supporting actor in the Trump show has a name similar to, and possibly derived from, a character in Italian folk comedy whose primary talents are “boastfulness and cowardliness.

Our 45th president may be struggling with his current role, but he is a gifted promoter, believe me, people are saying.

Meanwhile, on a hot, humid day in Virginia, a group of white, establishment Democrats in their 70’s rolled out a new slogan: “We Give Up!”

Actually, that’s not it. The Democrats are going to break up the Amazon-Whole Foods Merger, stop taking money from corporations and unions, cut the prices on drugs, learn to play the guitar, and move to California.

The slogan is “Better Leave Now!” Or something like that. Listen, if a slogan sounds like Jeb ! Bush would use it, don’t use it.

Meanwhile, in Washington, it’s all SQUIRREL!