OK, I confess the above graphic is mean.

It’s not as mean as Donald Trump the candidate mocking a physical handicap of a reporter, followed by denying he did so despite video proof, but it’s mean. His daughter doesn’t deserve it.

It is absolutely not true that Donald has ordered these toys. Not sure about Sean Spicer.

Why does he mean to be mean? Social media rewards him.

See this mock tweet I made Donald Trump-style updating the famous Alec Baldwin scene in Glengarry Glen Ross.

Donald Trump knows that angry posts get shared because people want their friends to share their anger. Nice tweets die alone.

Facebook and Google began dominating all digital advertising years ago but now the duopoly is crushing it with a combined 85 percent share, according to sources cited here and here.

As they say on TV, but there’s more:

Facebook and Google accounted for 99 percent of all advertising growth in the third quarter of 2016; 54 percent of the pie for Google, 45 percent of it for Facebook, 1 percent for everybody else.

The bottom line? By carrying all those mean messages, the two companies most associated with hipster capitalism and with the policies of President Obama, are the kings of income inequality. They helped make Trump the 45th president.