Admit it, while part of you fears the fact that Donald Trump is our 45th president, part of you enjoys the comfortable smug feelings that you are morally superior, better informed, less impulsive, and smarter.

Are you ready to prove it?

He did have the winningest message of 2016. Let’s play a game to test your ability to analyze a few difficult issues and then to persuade others to follow you with a powerful phrase. One catch: you have to assume you are Donald Trump. I’ll call the game: “What’s Your Message?”

Each of the following scenarios are likely to pop up in real life.

  1. You (pretending to be President Trump) just signed the Continuing Resolution, an extension of last year’s spending allocations through September 30. Your staff informs you there are approximately 51 legislative days between today and October 1, when fiscal year 2018 begins. At least in budget terms, it’s still the Obama Administration. You won the 2016 election as the change candidate, but A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again, your first budget, bombed. You have 51 days to try again. What’s your message?
  2. You (pretending to be President Trump) just threw a Rose Garden party for the House passage of a healthcare bill to sort-of repeal and sort-of replace ObamaCare (AKA the ACA). ObamaCare has never been popular a single day in its seven years of existence, until recently. It’s also true the House bill finally passed, but your only message so far is a loser: “Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated.” Now, the real fight starts in the Senate. Mitch McConnell is in charge but the media wants to hear from you. What’s your message?
  3. You (pretending to be President Trump) are fresh off the course at Trump National Golf Club in  Bedminster, N.J. someday in this coming July. You catch CNBC covering a decline of 13 percent in the value of the U.S. equity markets. Reporters are quoting ”experts” saying “they’ve given up on you.” One of the top institutional investors in the world, Jeff Gundlach of DoubleLine Capital, had predicted this market drop way back on May 8, 2017. He also predicted your victory over Hillary Clinton. Now, hundreds of cameras are waiting for you. What’s your message?