Bigly and yuge are two “words” that we owe to Donald J. Trump.

He loves these words. They mean what he means them to mean. Go ahead, try to use them without hearing his voice in your head.

Almost as if he were a modern day Lewis Carroll, our 45th president loves to chortle some frabjous words at the slithy, vorpal boojums.

Lewis Carroll loved words, which I’m guessing is why he fathered words such as “chortle” and “boojum.”

Trump loves selling, which I’m guessing is why he chortles some frabjous words about his bigly, yuge brand of dealmaking, or steaks, or university. Believe me, many people are saying, they are the best ever.

Let’s shift our attention to numbers. They are a challenge to make up. There are even laws against that.

The stock market reports billions of numbers every day, but our focus is drawn to one, the Dow Jones Daily Index.

Our 45th president lives, and talks, in the moment, because he is ABC (Always Be Closing).

No doubt, his advisers cautioned him about using the Dow Jones Index as a measurement of his economic policy.

Silly rabbits.

They didn’t understand what he was doing. He is the master alchemist who turns numbers into words, with the volume on 11, in his voice, in your head.

He never is defeated. He is ready for the next moment, if it ever comes. He is Captain.

Meanwhile, other politicians of his party see numbers and words from Nate Silverexplaining that the current House Republican majority is at the mercy of voters in blue states. They read the Hill which reports that federal borrowing will double this year. They fear the voters are tuning out.

Other Republicans are frozen by fear; they cannot get away from Captain Trump and they won’t jump ship.

No one can speak for the market, but, some days, it screams at us.

Is it saying that it’s time to cash in and scramble? Is it predicting that the current government is likely to get canned? Who knows, all that matters is that uncertainty is bad for equities.

It’s bad for people who bet it only moves in one direction or to anyone’s command.