Above is the latest picture of the Sequoia, the once proud presidential yacht. She was a getaway for presidents since Herbert Hoover who borrowed her from the Commerce Department, where she had trapped rumrunners during prohibition, so that our 31st president could escape the White House and drink.

John Kennedy entertained frequently on the Sequoia, sometimes with his wife. Richard Nixon decided to resign while on board. Although Jimmy Carter sold the boat, she was lent to Ronald Reagan, who hosted a cruise for all 50 governors.

Boats don’t disappear because they change ownership, not if they are well maintained. This boat has passed through a number of hands in recent decades, each one swept away by her beauty and history, and drowned by the cost of maintenance.

And now? She’s tied up in litigation, badly in need of repair. According to court documents (found on Wikipedia):

”…The Sequoia, an elderly and vulnerable wooden yacht, is sitting on an inadequate cradle on an undersized marine railway in a moribund boatyard on the western shore of the Chesapeake, deteriorating and, lately, home to raccoons.

The naval architect of the Sequoia was a man named John Trumpy, no relation to our 45th president. Trumpy emigrated to the United States from Norway and built some of the finest wooden yachts ever made. He began his career in 1910 and passed it onto his sons. In 1973, the company closed after the 488th Trumpy, the last one, splashed into Spa Creek in Annapolis.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, shares a few characteristics with a fine, old, wooden yacht. Take good care of her, and you’ll have peace.

Not every Memorial Day weekend occurs at the conclusion of a new president’s first tour abroad, but this most recent one did. While in Europe, Donald Trump must have done a few things right, but we cannot be sure because the media coverage was dominated by video of his pushing his way, as if he were a five year-old bully, to the front of a line of elected leaders. More dangerously, he continued his alienation of Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany.

Trump loves to hate the media; perhaps he should cut down on the bad material he creates for them.

I am hopeful something comes along to nudge, or jolt, him into taking his responsibilities more seriously than himself. It may be that golf is not relaxing him enough.

OK, you know today’s ending. Donald Trump should rescue the Sequoia and restore her, better than ever, believe me. Then take the NATO leaders for a cruise. Sit next to Angela and be a nice host. It’ll do the world some good.