Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen has created a wealth of knowledge regarding innovation; more importantly, he has refined it into a powerful theory, one that anyone can use. Dome Advisors LLC has applied it to analyzing political and policy developments.

We think Professor Christensen’s theory of Disruptive Innovation is so compelling, we made two 50 Second Theater videos. Please watch them both.

As you do, be thinking that if you can learn to detect what causes what, and why, you can see more clearly into the future. The future does not arrive with data. Data tells us about the past, and it is helpful, of course. Organizing how we think, and on what we think, is the key.

If his name and his theory are new to you, start by watching this animation from Harvard Business Review
and his TED lecture

and read this book, the Innovator’s Dilemma


My 50 second Theater version was extracted from this wonderful interview covering many related topics, including a charming story about his first meeting with Andy Grove of Intel. Please watch the whole thing.