System Failure

Our 45th president spent the weekend trying on jewelry in Saudi Arabia so heavy he had to duck and lean into it. Later, he danced with swords. At this point you should feel free to compose your own joke. [...]


Message Control

Admit it, while part of you fears the fact that Donald Trump is our 45th president, part of you enjoys the comfortable smug feelings that you are morally superior, better informed, less impulsive, and [...]


Spring Break

Back next Tuesday. Here’s a suggested reading list: Wired Magazine published this fascinating essay a few months ago. Excerpts: Before social media, a newspaper editor had the final say as to which stories [...]


Snacks Reform

Rules: Don’t bite off more than you can chew Chew Stop President Donald Trump’s administration is suggesting that they are redefining their plans for tax reform. Let’s assume that “redefining” [...]

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Essays and videos return in September. This summer, this book is must reading. From the website of the author, Lynne Ols...