This End Up

When you’re flat on your back, it’s all up from there. Late yesterday, the count against the Senate Republican legislation altering the Affordable Care Act lost two more Senators, Mike Lee of Utah [...]



Leading Carrier Strike Group Five is USS Ronald Reagan, a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier launched on March 4, 2001. One month ago the Navy reported that the Reagan, and its strike force, were steaming off [...]


The Road Out

As I write this edition, the Senate of the United States is stuck. One party is boycotting and the other party is divided. The pending issue is the possible reconsideration of how, and for whom, the federal [...]


Gale Forces

The bad news won’t stop breaking. A terrorist detonated a shrapnel bomb at the exit of Manchester Arena in England after a concert there by an American pop star. An assassin from Belleville, Illinois [...]

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Essays and videos return in September. This summer, this book is must reading. From the website of the author, Lynne Ols...