There are three microphone booms in the image above.

“Boom, Boom, Boom” is also the opening line in a song by John Lee Hooker.

Roy Moore will ride his horse, “Sassy,” to vote today in the Alabama Senate race.

Sassy? I guess “My Little Pony” was too much.


Yesterday, a Fox News poll put Roy Moore ten points behind Democrat Doug Jones.


What is Defense Secretary Jim Mattis worrying about?

Boom, Boom, Boom.

In the world according to Mattis, the U.S. military carries on its shoulders ‘the hopes of mankind,’ and is a force for ‘strength and unity’ in a time of great divisiveness in the country and the world.

As Christmas draws near, consider gathering all of your discarded USB flash drives and donating them to a program that loads them with South Korean and Western entertainment and smuggles them into North Korea.

As for Secretary Mattis, he’ll have his hands full.

The latest worries are that the North Koreans may be able to launch nuclear intercontinental missiles from their submarines and may have the ability to develop biological weapons.

P.S. I have no idea who is going to win the Senate seat today in Alabama. For those who want to read an essay on the wide variance in the polls, check out Nate Silver.