I have tuned out President Trump.

Sincerely, I hope things ago well for him. Otherwise, he goes all Sonny Corleone on us. Sonny with a Twitter account.

Twitter is turned on by him.

If you want to learn how Twitter works for Donald J. Trump, and vice versa, read George Lakoff, a retired professor of cognitive science from the University of California at Berkeley.

The short answer is that Twitter lives by the angry tweet.  Angry tweets generate more angry tweets, angrier retweets, and the angriest quote tweets. On Twitter, President Trump is the grand master with over 46 million followers.

The Economist drew on data (as of November 10, 2017) from a company called Trackalytics to chart his winning scores against all of his rivals:

Republican pollster Frank Luntz blows his whistle on the President’s Twitter finger by pointing out that he often murders his own message with an impulsive tweet.

This is more good advice that will be ignored. Our 45th president seeks attention rather than respect.

I’d suggest giving him an alternative activity he would enjoy.

More golf.