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Who We Are

Why are investors keeping over $10 trillion in cash on the sidelines? In part, it is because they lack confidence in (and an understanding of) Washington.

Dome Advisors LLC provides institutional investors, financial advisors, and corporate leaders with superior research and a new, more accurate perspective on the direction of public policy.

By employing proprietary data, and applying a deep understanding of the way Washington works, we offer a different insight of the intersection of policy and the markets – the kind of insights that will give investors the knowledge and confidence to take money off the sidelines and put it to work.

We do not provide the "political intelligence" nonsense others offer. We do not talk to elected officials or governmental employees about any pending legislation or regulation. Some of our competitors do so, and some do little else, which is why they get things so wrong, so often.

When your clients complain about Washington, they are looking for more than sympathy. The client is looking for a receptive ear; it is an opportunity to provide guidance. To do that, you need the sort of detailed, actionable information, and advice Dome Advisors LLC can provide.

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Before starting Dome Advisors in 2009, Michael Boland played a role -- sometimes small, sometimes large -- in nearly every major legislative battle on economic issues over three decades — banking, budgets, defense, energy, mergers, pensions, securities litigation reform, taxes, technology, and telecom.

Michael started his career on Capitol Hill in 1978 on the staff of the House Energy & Commerce Committee working on oil, natural gas, interstate pipelines and related issues. By 1984, he was chief counsel and floor assistant to the Republican Whip of the House, Representative Trent Lott.

At the time, Ronald Reagan was president and Tip O’Neill was Speaker of the House. Although the conflicts ran deep, the leaders of both parties accepted that “compromise” is superior to “failure” and that the place for resolving disputes is the national legislature. (More along these lines in the Thesis.)

Michael left the Hill in 1987 to help found the lobbying firm Boland & Madigan (acquired by the Interpublic Group in 1999). He later joined Verizon as its senior vice president for legislative affairs. He was also a partner at what is now called Peck, Madigan, Jones & Stewart, one of Washington’s most influential bipartisan firms.

His 21 years as a lobbyist began in 1987 and ended in 2008. During those years, Michael led hundreds of successful campaigns for over 100 companies, including:

  • AARP (consulting and research, non-lobbying client)
  • Alyeska (trans-Alaskan oil) Pipeline Company (compliance investigations)
  • America Online (internet tax freedom and the merger with TimeWarner)
  • Bank of New York Mellon (SEC regulation of research commissions)
  • Bechtel and Parsons Brinckerhoff joint venture (Boston’s “Big Dig”)
  • Charles Schwab & Co. (electronic commerce)
  • Chevron (successful $3 billion privatization of a government oil field)
  • Cisco Systems (homeland security networks)
  • Dreyfus Funds (merger with Mellon Bank)
  • General Dynamics (submarines)
  • International Airports Coalition (airport fees)
  • Lockheed Martin (satellites)
  • Merrill Lynch (financial regulatory legislation)
  • National Parks Conservation Association (new parks,
       including the Presidio in San Francisco)
  • KPMG (accounting regulatory legislation)
  • Pershing (market structure)
  • Private Equity and Growth Capital Council (tax legislation)
  • Securities Litigation Reform Coalition (safe harbor legislation)
  • Southwest Airlines (new routes)
  • St. Joe Company (new airport)
  • Trimble Navigation (defense GPS systems)
  • Verizon (telecom, technology}

Michael is a graduate of Gonzaga University School of Law and the University of Notre Dame.

The original U.S. House of Representatives, now called Statuary Hall

What We Do

Dome Advisors LLC is a policy and political risk advisory firm designed for institutional investors, financial advisors, and corporate leaders. We have four decades of experience in Washington.

For institutional investors, we provide accurate, actionable and timely analyses of policy developments based upon proper, public sources.

For financial advisors, we provide a unique perspective of the Washington impacts on the investment climate that is both more accurate and more optimistic than most.

For corporate leaders, we provide issue management services, directed research, and advice on best practices.

Topics covered: Affordable Care Act, Banking Regulation, Climate Change, Congressional activity, Defense, Dodd-Frank, Elections, Energy, Federal Budget, Health Care, Taxes, Technology, Telecommunications and Trade.

Clients have included: Deutsche Bank Asset & Wealth Management, DTCC, Fidelity, FrontPoint Partners, Glenview Capital Management, MWA Financial, Northern Trust Bank, Omgeo, Charles Schwab, SGH Macro Advisors, Stifel/EquityCompass, and UBS.

Keynote presentations delivered at various financial industry conferences in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, London, New York, Orange County, Palm Beach, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Washington, D.C.

Dome Advisors LLC does not provide lobbying services or investment advice or services.

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A little more on our perspective: Neither political party is ever completely correct and neither side ever “wins.” Why? Because the game of politics never ends; there is always a next election. Our line: The last election casts the play; the next election drives the plot.

Dome Advisors LLC has developed a proprietary index of 50 of the 535 Members of Congress who matter most to the outcome of a select group of issues and an index of those few issues that matter most to economic growth. Labels, such as party identity or ideology, are factored out. These indexes, which we call Dome Compass, reveal important trends valuable to investors; for example, on whether the U.S. Government’s fiscal policies are improving, ever so slightly, or not.

No index is perfect, but a well-constructed one can serve as a lens, through which a client can see more clearly. At a minimum, an index can help calm the anxieties that emanate out of the political cloud, which like it or not, is suppressing investor involvement. Warren Buffett has the constitution to ignore politics; most of us need some assistance, and guidance, to filter out the noise.

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Research Notes

Dome Advisors Research Notes

Michael Boland releases research notes three days after clients have received deeper reports on the same or similar topics.

Notes are focused on the economic policies of the American government and the political and social trends which drive, or arrest, economic policies. He writes about the state of society, primarily as an electorate.

Basically, Michael watches what's going on, thinks about what it means, and postulates on what will happen.

If you work for a corporate leadership or for a financial services firm and would like to sign up for free distribution of his research notes, please register here.

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50 Second Theater

50 Second Theater is a collection of short videos, most of which are our abbreviations and adaptations of video footage we discover here and there.

Each video is preceded by a short paragraph explaining the point we seek to make.

Some entertain, some inform, and a few do both.

If you’re at all like us, you actually “don’t have a minute”…but you might have 50 seconds.

An Example of Why Policy Matters

Some Statistics

Airports in the United States

Airports with Paved Runways

Airports with Regular Flights

Updated by 2020?

The mobile phone has been completely transformed

...but not the airport.


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